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Busy Buddy Linkables treat-dispensing puzzle toys are a new, progressive way to play with and challenge your dog! Thanks to the unique, patented design, you can mix and match the Links to create an ever-changing toy combination for your dog. Designed for curious, food-motivated dogs.

Challenge your dogs mind and problem-solving skills. Start by putting some treats into a Linkable toy and encourage your dog to interact. Once they receive a few randomly-dispensed treats, your dog will get the idea. Add more Linkables pieces (each sold separately) to make the puzzle more challenging. Fun and entertaining for your dog for hours.

Linkables are made from thick, durable, natural rubber. However, Linkables are not a chew toy and not for destructive chewers. If your dog continues to chew the toy instead of playing with it to remove the treats, pick up the toy (exchanging the toy for a treat) and then give it back and only allow them to play with it when they are not being destructive. Please supervise your dog during use of the Linkables toy as with any toy.

-Dishwasher safe in the top rack.

Available sizes below:

Red Elbow is 5" long
Green Twist is 7" long
Blue Orb is 5" long.

Best for dogs over 10 lbs.

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