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Bottle Snugs

Bottle Snugs

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Introducing Scratch and Newton's Bottle Snug, the revolutionary thermal protector designed to keep your pets' water at the perfect temperature year-round. Available in two sizes to fit Classic Small 600ml and Large 1.1L water bottles, the Bottle Snug ensures your pets stay hydrated with cool water in the summer and reduces the risk of frozen bottles in the winter.

Developed using cutting-edge NASA technology, the Bottle Snug effectively blocks sunlight, significantly reducing algae growth and keeping your pets' water cleaner for longer. As a pet owner, you can gain complete peace of mind knowing that the Bottle Snug is safeguarding your pets' hydration needs, no matter the season.

Choose Scratch and Newton's Bottle Snug for a state-of-the-art solution that combines innovation, practicality, and reliability. Keep your pets' water fresh and at an ideal temperature with this essential accessory, ensuring their well-being and comfort throughout the year.

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