Collection: Larkins

Introducing our farm cousins, Popcorn the mischievous guinea pig and Carrot the creative rabbit, here at Scratch & Newton! They motivate us to offer you Larkin's Healthful Hay, a pure and natural blend of the best hay, ideal for your cherished animals.

Popcorn has a mischievous disposition that comes through in his frequent chewing, whereas Carrot is known for his practicality and love of crafting in his shed. Collectively, they stand for our dedication to offering goods that put the health and welfare of your pets first.

This healthy hay blend, which is made with love and care, guarantees that your pets get the vital nutrients they require for a long and healthy life. Our hay blend is appropriate for a range of small animals, from guinea pigs to rabbits and beyond, meeting their nutritional needs and enhancing general wellbeing.

Like our agricultural cousins, everyone at Scratch & Newton is committed to protecting the environment and has faith in the efficacy of straightforward, natural remedies. Selecting Larkin's Healthy Hay for your pets not only gives them wholesome food, but it also helps promote environmentally responsible practices.

Give your pets the goodness of Larkin's Healthy Hay. Come along with us as we work to protect the beauty of our planet and advance the well-being and happiness of pets. Your furry friends will appreciate it!