Collection: Scratch & Newton

At Scratch & Newton, pet care and innovation come together! Introducing the dynamic team behind our creative solutions to keep your furry pals comfortable and out of trouble: Scratch the rabbit and Newton the guinea pig.

More than just cute mascots, Scratch & Newton are industrious inventors committed to enhancing the quality of life for all rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Their innovative ideas and amusing antics have led them to create a line of items that prioritise comfort and safety above conventional pet care issues.

We at Scratch & Newton are aware of the requirements that owners of pets and their furry friends have. We've worked with Scratch & Newton to develop creative ways that address those demands. See the difference that Scratch & Newton can make in your pet's life, check out our full range Shop now and experience the magic of Scratch & Newton's inventions for yourself. Your pets will thank you for it!