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Scratch and Newton

Scratch & Newton Apex 7ft Galvanised Run

Scratch & Newton Apex 7ft Galvanised Run

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Introducing Scratch and Newton's Large Galvanised 7ft Rabbit Run—a spacious and secure enclosure designed to provide your furry friends with ample space to graze, exercise, and thrive. With dimensions exceeding 7 ft in length and standing at 40 inches tall to the apex, this sturdy metal run offers the perfect environment for adult rabbits and guinea pigs to roam and play freely.

Crafted with durability and safety in mind, our galvanised metal run ensures that your pets are protected while enjoying the outdoors. Say goodbye to chewed wooden runs—our robust construction and absence of plastic clips guarantee longevity and peace of mind for pet owners.

Featuring three doors—one on each side and one on the end—our rabbit run offers easy access for both you and your pets. Assembly is a breeze, with no complicated plastic clips to fuss over. Plus, with two bolted doors, including one with a spring-loaded lock, you can rest assured that your pets are secure at all times.

Give your rabbits and guinea pigs the freedom they deserve with Scratch and Newton's Large Galvanised 7ft Rabbit Run. Experience the joy of watching your pets play in a safe and spacious outdoor environment.

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