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Hutch Snuggles with Bye Bye Fly Screen™

Hutch Snuggles with Bye Bye Fly Screen™

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To ensure the best fit, select the correct size from the drop down menu above. Remember to measure your hutch before placing your order, sizes displayed as length of roof x depth of roof x height (top of roof to base of hutch, excluding legs). 

Enhance your pet's comfort and well-being with Scratch and Newton's Hutch Snuggle featuring Bye Bye Fly Screen™ a cleverly designed product that ensures your pet stays cozy and protected all year round. Crafted with NASA-developed materials, this innovative accessory helps regulate the temperature inside the hutch, keeping your pets warm in winter and cool in summer.

Designed to be used under a Hutch Hugger™, the Hutch Snuggle creates a microclimate that provides your pet with extra warmth during colder months. The Bye Bye Fly Screen™ keeps pesky flies at bay, reducing the risk of fly strike and ensuring your pet remains comfortable and healthy throughout the seasons.

Our Hutch Snuggle is compatible with both slightly sloping and flat roofs, ensuring a snug fit for maximum effectiveness.

Experience the benefits of Scratch and Newton's Hutch Snuggle:

- Keep your pets cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

- Enjoy easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

- Provide extra comfort for young, nursing, or unwell pets.

- Benefit from a natural deterrent to flies, reducing the risk of flystrike.

Choose Scratch and Newton's Hutch Snuggle for a practical, effective, and reliable solution to enhance your pet's living environment. Give your furry friend the comfort and protection they deserve, year-round.

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