Keep your pets safe during hot weather

With forecasters predicting a long spell of hot weather vets are warning pet owners to be aware of the problems a heatwave can cause cats, dogs and other pets.

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Newtons top tips to keep your pets warm and cosy

Keeping small animals such as rabbits and Guinea pigs at the correct temperature is very important, cold weather can be deadly at this time of the year. We naturally go outdoors less in winter, but you must ensure you check your  pets regularly.

Keeping small animals in pairs is also a recommendation as they can snuggle up together to keep warm. However here are a few tips we recommend: 

  • Add a cardboard box to your hutch with a hole and fill it with dry hay.
  • Add a hot water bottle to the hutch and wrap in a soft blanket...

Scratch's top tips for feeding your rabbits

Scratch's top tips for feeding your rabbits

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Rabbits enjoy a healthy, balanced diet just like humans. An assortment of fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh water and hay will keep your bunny happy and healthy.

The main source of a rabbit’s diet should contain large amounts of fresh hay with clean water available. Hay is important for your rabbit as it provides fibre; it’s amazing for dental health and helps the digestive system. However rabbits, like humans, are individuals and therefore may be intolerant to certain foods.

When introducing new food, always do so slowly...

Remember Remember the 5th of Nov

We are all used to hearing advice to keep our pets indoors on Bonfire night, but many people don’t understand that their pet rabbits and Guinea pigs should be included in this warning. Rabbits and Guinea pigs in outdoor hutches will be terrified of the sound of fireworks, and house pets may well be too.

So here are some tips to help keep your small furries safe and relaxed as possible during this time of year.

Put extra hay and straw into the hutch for your bunny or guinea pig to burrow in. Put an upturned cardboard box with holes cut...

Newton's Top Tips for Toasty Pets

Newton's Top Tips for Toasty Pets

Hi, I’m Newton. It’s my mission to make the world a better place for pets everywhere. That’s why I decided to share my words of wisdom through this blog to help pet owners look after their furry friends.

With winter comes dark nights, wet conditions and low temperatures. This can make life rather miserable for outdoor pets like Scratch and me. In the wild, we would snuggle down in burrows through the winter, but out in our hutch, damp and draughts can be deadly.

Owners can help their rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets to keep warm...