Newton's Top Tips for Toasty Pets

Newton's Top Tips for Toasty Pets

Hi, I’m Newton. It’s my mission to make the world a better place for pets everywhere. That’s why I decided to share my words of wisdom through this blog to help pet owners look after their furry friends.

With winter comes dark nights, wet conditions and low temperatures. This can make life rather miserable for outdoor pets like Scratch and me. In the wild, we would snuggle down in burrows through the winter, but out in our hutch, damp and draughts can be deadly.

Owners can help their rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets to keep warm this winter by following Newton’s Top Tips for Toasty Pets...


Two's Company

It’s always recommended to keep rabbits in pairs or small groups, and we guinea pigs are usually happiest in 4’s or 5’s. Having a friend or two to share a hutch with doesn’t just provide much needed company, it also offers plenty of shared body heat to get us through the colder months.


Bottle Snugs

Freezing water bottles are a common problem when the temperature drops; that's why I invented the Bottle Snug. I came up with these thermal protectors to help regulate the temperature of our drinking water, greatly reducing the likelihood of freezing. The Bottle Snug also keeps water cool in summer and, by protecting it from direct sunlight, helps prevent algae forming.

Remember, even with a Bottle Snug, you still need you change your pets' water every day.

A cosy hutch

Help us stay warm by making sure we have plenty of dry bedding. Ensure the bottom of the hutch has a good covering of soft wood shavings to keep it clean, warm and dry. Newspaper also works well for insulating the hutch, but watch out, some rabbits love to shred it to tiny pieces and make a real mess! Don’t be stingy with hay - it keeps our teeth trimmed, our stomachs healthy and provides good, warm bedding.

Some people advise putting blankets or cushions in the hutch; we don’t think this is such a good idea. Although warm and cosy, we can chew and choke on materials like this. It’s wise to avoid placing anything in the hutch that isn’t safe for us to eat.

Keep your hutch raised off the ground to stop damp seeping in from beneath. A hutch on legs is always best as it allows air to circulate.

Finally, a good hutch cover is the best way to stop heat escaping and protect your hutch from leaks and draughts - creating a cosy microclimate, even in the snow. Take a look at our range here.

Regular checks

In winter, owners need to be extra vigilant in checking in on their outdoor pets throughout the day. Keep your eyes peeled for any leaks or damp patches, replace any wet bedding and check daily that the water bottle hasn’t frozen.

Watch your pets carefully in bad weather. If they start behaving unusually - if they become limp, are sleeping significantly more than usual, or become unresponsive - get them straight to the vet!


And remember...

We still need plenty of exercise, even when the weather’s poor. It can be difficult to get your pets to exercise enough when it’s really miserable outside - small animals like us hate the cold, wet and wind and will seek out dry, warm places to hide. Our Run Shades helps to protect your pet from bad weather and allow them to exercise in all weathers.


So, there we have it, 5 simple tips to help keep your pets happy and healthy this winter. How do you help your outdoor pets stay warm? Please share your tips in the Comments below.

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