Collection: Hutches for Rabbits

Constructed with the utmost care, our Pet Hutches are made from high quality materials ensuring durability and a touch of sophistication in every shelter. Each hutch is weatherproofed using an animal-safe, water-based wood preservative. This provides optimal protection against deterioration caused by rain and sun exposure, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable haven for your beloved pets.

At Scratch & Newton, we understand the importance of convenience for pet owners. That's why all our Pet Hutches come flat-packed, making home assembly a breeze. We prioritise simplicity without compromising on the quality and durability of our shelters, ensuring that your small animals can enjoy their new home without delay.

As the leading manufacturer of Quality hutch covers and accessories, we go beyond providing shelters. Our specially designed covers are tailored for a perfect fit, offering an extra layer of protection to keep your pet's hutch in top condition. Complementing our Pet Hutches, our range of accessories enhances the overall living experience for your small animals.