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Chartwell Single Hutches

Chartwell Single Hutches

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Scratch and Newton proudly presents the Chartwell Single Luxury Rabbit Hutch, a spacious and deluxe home ideal for one rabbit or two guinea pigs. Expertly manufactured in the UK using premium Scandinavian timber, this hutch combines quality craftsmanship with thoughtful design to ensure your pets' comfort and safety.

The Chartwell Single Hutch features a cozy arched divided bedding area, providing a warm and private space for your pets to rest. A central wire panel is perfectly positioned to hang a water bottle, ensuring easy access to fresh water. For effortless cleaning and safe pet interaction, the hutch includes a removable kick-board. The integral legs elevate the hutch off the ground, preventing rising damp and promoting adequate air circulation.

To protect against the elements, the Chartwell Single Hutch is weatherproofed with an animal-safe, water-based wood preservative, offering durability against rain and sun deterioration. For additional protection, consider ordering the correct size from our Hutch Covers Page—the Chartwell Single Hutch Hugger & Snuggle keeps your pets dry and cozy in all weather conditions.

The hutch now features thick 1.6mm - 16 Gauge fox-proof wire mesh, robust 10MM construction-grade WBP plywood floors, and sturdy 10MM timber side panels and sleeping door construction. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it also includes 1”x ½” galvanised wire mesh doors, aluminium barrel bolts, and easy diagram assembly.

Choose the Chartwell Single Luxury Rabbit Hutch for a premium, well-designed home that ensures your pets' comfort, safety, and happiness. Enhance your pets' living experience with this high-quality, thoughtfully crafted hutch, making it a perfect addition to any garden.


Cover sizes for reference.

Single Hutch Covers

HH123.5 x 65.5 x 63 4ft

HS123.5 x 65.5 x 63 4ft


HH153 x 65.5 x 63 - 5ft

HS153 x 65.5 x 63- 5ft


HH181 x 65.5 x 63- 6ft

HS181 x 65.5 x 63- 6ft

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