Remember Remember the 5th of Nov

Remember Remember the 5th of Nov

We are all used to hearing advice to keep our pets indoors on Bonfire night, but many people don’t understand that their pet rabbits and Guinea pigs should be included in this warning. Rabbits and Guinea pigs in outdoor hutches will be terrified of the sound of fireworks, and house pets may well be too.

So here are some tips to help keep your small furries safe and relaxed as possible during this time of year.

Put extra hay and straw into the hutch for your bunny or guinea pig to burrow in. Put an upturned cardboard box with holes cut in one side and filled with hay. This will provide a hidey hole within the hutch.

If you have a conservatory, could you move your hutch so it is facing the glass looking into the house? Keep your lights on so that the bunny can see you and hopefully feel reassured. Otherwise turn the hutch to face the wall or fence.

At the height of the noise, please remember to go outside as often as possible to reassure your bunny or guinea pig

Keep a watchful eye for stray rockets, sparks or fireworks that could start a fire.

If you have a house rabbit or Guinea pig, remember to draw the curtains and close all windows early to block out the visual display and prevent the sounds from coming into your home

Do you have a cat flap? Please remember to keep it locked.

And finally don’t forget our wildlife…

Most people are aware that they should keep cats and dogs indoors, but we wonder how many people forget the little creatures living wild

Please check bonfires carefully for hibernating hedgehogs before lighting. If possible the entire pile should be re-sited before being lit, if not possible, use broom handles to lift from the base of the pile, and shine torches, looking and listening carefully for any signs of life.

Be safe this Bonfire night and look after all your pets.
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