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Larkins Healthy Hay Blend

Larkins Healthy Hay Blend

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Introducing Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend—a premium mix of Meadow Hay and Timothy Hay with a hint of Alfalfa, designed to provide your small animals with the essential nutrients they need for optimal health and vitality.

Hay isn't just bedding—it's a vital part of your pet's diet. Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend offers the perfect balance of nutrients, promoting dental health, reducing boredom, and preventing behavioural issues. Unchopped for maximum benefits, this hay blend retains its natural goodness, aiding in dental wear and promoting digestive health.

With a carefully curated blend of Timothy and Alfalfa, you can trust that your rabbits and guinea pigs are receiving the very best nutrition. Alfalfa, rich in protein, is particularly beneficial for young or sick animals, helping to boost their immune system and overall well-being.

Larkin's Meadow Hay is soft and palatable, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to support your small animal's health. Meanwhile, Timothy Hay, known for its coarse texture and high fibre content, is excellent for digestion and overall gut health.

Rest assured, Larkin's hay is dust extracted, virtually dust-free, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your pets. Treat your furry companions to Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend and watch them thrive with every nibble.


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