Collection: Pet Coolers

Here at Scratch & Newton, our main priority is the happiness and health of your pets. Introducing Sparky and Spud, our dynamic team committed to providing you with the best ideas to keep your furry pets happy and comfortable.

It's critical to figure out how to keep your pets cool and fresh. That's where Sparky and Spud are useful! They're here to introduce you to our Cool Pad and Cool Pool, two essentials for fun that will have your tail wagging this summer.

When it comes buying pet products, Sparky & Spud know how important convenience and quality are. For this reason, we considered both when designing our Cool Pool and Cool Pad. Your pets will love them for many hours because they are strong, simple to clean, and guaranteed to last. Come along with Sparky and Spud to make your pets' summer the best one ever. Purchase our Cool Pad and Cool Pool today to give them the most summertime enjoyment!